Making tracks off-grid to the circus quarry for the rest of the week! (For values of “off-grid” that include having a car and being able to drive into Bellingham in a pinch). Handstand videos and busking reports to resume with enthusiasm whenever I find myself back in Babylon. 

Quickie Bellingham Farmer’s Market busking report: middle aged stoners struggle with the concept of money bringing me to life. Small children, however, do not. A sign of some sort may be in order, since this was easily the least-clever crowd I’ve had yet on that front. Name-dropping therealstrangely will brighten up the stressed out market admin and get me a pitch where I don’t have to move every thirty minutes. The results of having a sign with an email address (, registered this morning) for pictures and video are still out. Greasepaint is not sunscreen. Pasties are delicious.

Today’s installment of my thrilling upside down touring adventures features a garment which has been immortalized in legend and song (apparently unrecorded song, despite my searching, therealstrangely….)

Furnished, unsurprisingly, by the endlessly incredible Claire Danielle Angel-Danger Cassidy (geekstarcostuming) who produced it upon my walking through her front door and insisted I take it. Hopefully it provides some sort of distraction from my straddles, which refused to stick after two hours of driving today. (Although my hips seem to not be terrifically ruined! Fingers crossed for being able to sleep without pain tonight.)

I’m bringing the statue to the Bellingham Farmer’s Market tomorrow before I disappear into the circus quarry for the next week or so. I’m going to attempt some sort of “email me pictures!” signage this time- reports on how that goes to come.

ETA:  Aaron Shay kindly stepped in and pointed me in the direction of a recording of the Onesie Song, which you can avail yourself of here:

Day seven, again uploaded somewhat after the fact. Malachi and Steph and I went wandering in search of wading pools and blackberries, and in my case, handstands in wading pools with blackberries in my mouth.

My hip impingement is starting to act up again, so it was tough to hold these for too long. I had a rough time sleeping the past two nights as well- the pain isn’t awful, but it is insistent enough to keep me awake. Unfortunately, I had to drive from Seattle to Bellingham today (about 2 hours, counting a stop to deposit some charming touring musicians in Anacortes) which made my sacrum grumpy as all hell, but as of the handstands I’m doing at the time of writing this, doesn’t seem to have incapacitated me all that badly.




contactballer said: FYI, busking fees are illegal and so is limiting the location of buskers unless we are blocking foot traffic — even in a privately owned/managed space, presuming it is open to the public (like a farmer’s market).

Really! I absolutely didn’t know…

I’m pretty sure Chard (
) has done his due diligence on this. Technically busking (and any other public performance) is protected as free speech but it is often policed as ‘pan-handling’ which is how cities regulate it…

Knowing Richard, I’d be amazed if he didn’t have a thoroughly-researched, internally cited essay on busker’s rights lying around somewhere. But policing it as pan-handling makes sense in terms of how they get away with it.